New Composition: On That Night The Angels Sang

This is my latest composition. It will be first performed in DuBois PA on December 21, 2019 at the Reitz Theater as part of the DuBois Vocal Arts Ensemble Christmas Program.

It is scored for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Tympani, and Strings, with SAB Choir and Piano, and centers around a polyphonic introduction and fugue punctuated by solo recitation of the theme of a new, traditional-style “Carol” of my own creation and design, both words and music. After a simple development section, it ends with the motifs from the fugue, the refrain and the polyphonic introduction overlaid upon a spirited rendering of the fully developed, strophic carol verses, ending abruptly with the culmination of the fugue motif.

Much attention to the mathematical structure and artful voicing were applied to produce depth of structure. Pains were taken to keep the ambitus well within the singers’ and instrumentalists’ tessitura while keeping the voice leading melodic and singable. This ensures no more than a moderate difficulty level while still being interesting and engaging, both for performers and listeners.

On That Night The Angels Sang
Words and Music by Joesph Shupienis, A.S.C.A.P.
Copyright © 2019 — All Rights Reserved


(Oo, oo...)

When on that night the Angel sang
  to shepherds of the birth,
Gloria in Excelsis!
Glad tidings of great joy to man:
  salvation for the Earth!

On that holy night, shepherds went down
  to Bethlehem to see the Babe.

Above them was a heav'nly light
  that glow'd bright from afar,
And from the Eastern lands came wise men
  following that star.

Along with them, they brought their gifts:
  gold, frankincense and myrrh;
And laid them out before the King,
  our infant Savior.

On that holy night, the Angels sang:
  Gloria in Excelsis!
Peace on Earth and good will to man.
  Gloria in Excelsis!

We raise our voices, join'd in song
  with Angel Host above;
A song of Peace, a song of Joy,
 of Mercy, Hope and Love!

We raise our voices, join'd in song
  with Angel Host above;
A song of Peace, a song of Joy,
 of Mercy, Hope and Love!

Sing We Noel – DVAE Christmas 2018 Live

Note: These recordings are presented here as recorded, after transcoding the 24-bit 96,000 sample per second, “Mid/Side Blumlein Matrix” recording, and converting each song to plain stereo, 320kb/s MP3 files.

As I have the time, edited and/or cleaned-up versions will replace each of these tracks. If there is interest, I can also produce a CD. Meanwhile, please feel free to listen to these tracks and enjoy them. You may also download the .MP3 files and share them as you wish.

Merry Christmas, and “May God Bless Us, Every One.”